Pulp and Paper Facilities

The pulp and paper industry tends to require equipment to store and transport corrosive and/or toxic materials. We're quite capable of engineering and fabricating any equipment to be used in these environments.

Of course, we also design and manufacture more routine items for the pulp and paper industry, such as liquor tanks, steaming towers, pulpers, steam mixers, and the likes.

Unloading and Chip Reclaiming

No less than 27 of our truck dumpers are serving across Canada, in locations from Nanaimo, BC to St. John, New Brunswick, 18 of them complete with receiving hopper and 3- through 9-strand H480 drag-chain reclaim conveyors. Among others, we built a reclaim screw for a redesigned storage facility at Crofton, BC, and a live-bottom hopper operating in Port Alberni, BC.

A belt conveyor and gallery for chip storage in Cranbrook, BC, Canada.

Chip Storage

800ʹ, 36″ to 48″ closed galleries conveyors, feeding chip piles for Celgar Pulp. For Crestbrook, 1,000ʹ trussed conveyor sections complete with 2 transfer towers and 4 outstocking booms.

Pile Building

A Pneumatic FIFO Tower pile builder for Tembec Paper, and a 36" Belt Flinger for Catalyst — Mackenzie.

Inside our shop, with a proud crew displaying a just-completed chip reclaim chain conveyor with hopper for a facility in Northern BC.

Chip Washing

A chip washing and cleaning system including sand settling, chip draining, scrap thickening & scrap removal equipment, as delivered to:

Chip Sizing

Chip cracking conveyors & chutework for a sizing facility addition at Weldwood — Hinton

Pulp Cooking

A Kaymer Presteaming Screw for Harmac Pacific


Pulp Handling

Chemical Handling Systems

Power Recovery Systems

Have a look at a few more examples:

[Defibrator Screw Image]
Twin 2205SS refiner feed screws for a rejects refiner.
[Peroxide Tank Image]
4.25 meter (14 feet) diameter x 10 meter (32 feet) high stainless steel acid passivated Hydrogen Peroxide tank.
[Liquor Tank Image]
Liquor tank.
[Pneumatic Switching Station Image]
Pneumatic Switching Stations for a Pulp & Paper plant.

Whatever your need, we've likely encountered it before. Otherwise, it's familiar territory and we'll be glad to bring our machine design experience to the table.