[Truck Dumper Installation Map]No less than 27 Megatech truck dumpers are in operation throughout the world.

Truck Dumpers

Megatech truck dumpers are engineered for dependable performance in rugged day-to-day operations. Permanent configurations are available for drive-thru and extended arm (back-on) applications for grade-level or elevated discharge. Portable truck dumper models incorporate the same design features but allow for future relocation to readily adapt to your needs.

Standard configurations are available with platform lengths from 12 to 26 meters (40 to 85 feet) for elevating the trailer only or a tractor/trailer combination with rated loads up to 100 tons at a 63 degree dumping angle.

While the drive-thru design already provides efficient routing of trucks and a faster dump cycle with minimum idle time, we can also provide a drive-through design with integrated scale. This minimizes yard space and reduces total time for the weigh and dump cycle.

Some examples include:

An extended-arm 80สน trailer truck dumper, for elevated discharge.

A drive-through B-Train truck dumper with integrated scale, shown in unloading position.

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