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Megatech screw conveyors are custom-designed to handle almost any material in almost any application. We've engineered and fabricated custom screw conveyors to move granular, flake, and chunk materials—pulp stock, coal, grapes, ice, and minerals. Corrosive and abrasive materials are not a problem.

We've built screw conveyors that move materials horizontally, vertically, or on inclined planes. We can integrate them into simultaneous hot and cold processes, and pressurized systems. We can incorporate dewatering, mixing, lump breaking, etc. into any conveyor design. We've been making screw conveyors up to 2440 mm (96 inch) diameter, with up to 25 mm (1 inch) flites, in mild steel, stainless steel, and hardened steel. We've manufactured constant diameter, tapered, and multi-diameter screws.

If the materials you're moving tend to bind on shafted conveyors, we'd be more than willing to discuss shaftless conveyors with you. We've fabricated shaftless conveyors from 50 mm (2 inch) to 610 mm (24 inch) diameter, in a range of alloy steels, for numerous applications in sewage treatment and recycling operations.

Some examples include:

These eight extraction conveyors with stainless ribbon flights are just a few of the many screws we've designed and built.

A 20″ diameter shaftless conveyor for scrap dewatering of newsprint recycling.

A tapered screw, complete with tapered shaft.

A 60″ Digester feed screw during manufacturing.

A common inclined screw, often used for truck loading. This screw integrates with a stationary hopper, and can pivot around the hopper discharge.

Four twin-screw conveyors for live-bottom hoppers.

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Shaftless Screw Conveyors.