Pneumatic Conveyors

Megatech designs and builds a variety of pneumatic conveyors to transport wood chips, sawdust, shavings, and wood refuse to storage piles or your site-specific requirements.

Have a look at some of the applications and components involved:

An integral part of a chip blowing system—an automated rotary discharge boom on a FIFO tower for "first in-first out" chip pile management. This installation is in Quebec, Canada.

Fabricating a switching station for use in a multi-branch line operation for a pulp mill in Northern BC. This three-way switching unit is 7.2 m (22 feet) long and has 660 mm (26 inch) diameter blow lines.

A drop-through feeder being shipped, together with custom rectangular bends, to a recycling facility in Coquitlam, BC.

A Megatech original—our standard blow-thru/drop-thru feeder. This unique design reduces feed problems inherent in other designs. Our unit produces a uniform chip flow with minimum air velocity resulting in a reduction in required horsepower.
A quick video overview of our standard feeder.

See more photos of Pneumatic Conveyors.