Air Supported Belt Conveyors

We have been involved with the design, testing, and manufacturing a new line of air-supported-belt conveyors, to suit the demanding requirements of a new export grain elevator at the Port of Longview, WA. We delivered 27 conveyors in three varieties, totaling 4.4 km or 2.8 miles in length.

To quote a USDA report: The state-of-the-art facility will have an export capacity of 8 million metric tons annually and is the first export grain elevator built in the U.S. in the past two decades.

View of shiploaders at Longview site.

Air Supported Belt Conveyors have a number of advantages to consider.

Energy Efficient

Belts glide up inclines with very little friction, so energy is saved for actually moving material.


We can fabricate ASB Conveyors from Aluminum, which is much stronger per pound than steel, minimizing support costs.


Fully enclosed conveyors allow filters to remove dust throughout the system.

Low Maintenance

No more idlers to replace and belt wear is reduced because friction is not an issue.

High Capacity

Systems are presently available with up to 72″ wide belts.

There is a growing interest in this type of conveyor, owing largely to lower total cost of ownership. Call us to discuss how it may benefit your particular application.

A selection of photos from the full album:

A 90' long conveyor which we assembled and tested locally.

Hoppers with Knife Gates and Conveyor with Loaders

View of fully-assembled transfer conveyors.

Three conveyors prior to belt and cover installation.

View from head-end of a shipping conveyor, looking toward bins.

Air Supported Belt Conveyors have a number of advantages to consider.

Test run footage of Air-Supported Belt Conveyors