Environmental Services

Environmental issues are challenging the ways we've done things in the past, and requiring us to become more innovative in our engineering designs. We're meeting that challenge, and the variety of environmentally-related projects we've been involved with proves it.

Consider the scope of engineering involved in the following:

Some examples of typical custom work that we do would include:

[Wastewater Plant Image]
20-40K Gallon Package Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants for golf courses & small communities.
[Pug Mill Image]
A Sludge and Lime mixing Pug Mill for a WWTP in Northern Texas.
[Slide Gate and Screw Image]
Some of the 20 slidegates, 4 screw conveyors and 8 airlocks provided for a multinational waste processing group.
[Sludge System Image]
The 190,000 gallon ATAD sludge digestion system in McMinville, Oregon.
[Floculator Tank Image]
A Floculator & Neutralization Tank with plate settlers for water treatment.

See photos of shaftless screws used in dewatering and classifying processes, as well as process tanks and packaged treatement plants.