Custom Design and Detailing

Whether you have a problem to be solved or a design to be fleshed out, our engineering and sales teams have experience and expertise to complement your own. We have first-hand knowledge of the demands of fabrication, and can apply our problem-solving experience from across a variety of industries to deliver efficient and reliable solutions. We will gladly assist in development and testing of new designs to maximize efficiency and quality, no matter how vague or demanding the specifications.

Some examples of typical custom work that we do would include:

[Headbox Image]
Fabrication Detail - A headbox with integral hood, the details of which were no trouble for our expert designers.
[Chute CAD Image]
Measurement - Chute modifications involving a shuttled switching chute, carefully planned with combined use of site survey data, client CAD data, and flow simulations.
Analysis - A simple grizzly under a worst-case loading scenario as tested in Finite Element Analysis.
[Flow Simulation Image]
Optimization - Whether a system of screw conveyors or belt conveyors, we can calculate and demonstrate a solution that works before it's even built.
[Scissor Lift Image]
Flexibility - We can make all kinds of equipment to suit your needs. For instance, this scissor-lift was custom-designed for a stage at the Calgary Stampede.
[Audubon Traveller Image]
Project Engineering - A bridge maintenance traveller designed for the longest cable-stayed bridge in North America, the John James Audubon Bridge in Louisianna.
Problem Solving - A high-temperature gasification unit, part of our solution for a client's waste conversion process, which converts un-recylable waste into biofuel, usable energy, and recyclable metals.
[Belt Tripper Image]
Modifications - This belt tripper including chutes, flopgate, structure and platform were designed in house, retrofitting an existing hog fuel conveyor.
[Headbox Image]
Innovation - Little more than a patent application when it came to us, this specialized drying and processing bin is now an operating prototype.
[Rendering Image]
Visualization - Conceptual rendering of a stainless steel classifying conveyor.