Bulk Handling Facilities

Our reputation precedes us...

Over the years we’ve become known for delivering reliable equipment, and for standing behind our work.

Cutting-edge efficiency.

Equipped With the latest technology, our design professionals are able to design conveyors and chutes to have smooth, even gentle material flow, long service life, and minimal maintenance. While this creates some challenging designs, our production team has repeatedly answered that challenge with precision.

If you deal with dry bulk products, you know that dust is a major problem, but did you know that air-supported belt conveyors are fully enclosed and are designed for efficient dust removal?

Count on our experience.

Our design team has decades of experience with all types of bulk systems, from live-bottom hoppers and screw conveyors, to belt conveyors and pneumatics, complete with chutes and walkways, so rest assured that we can deliver everything you need. Please feel free to call us to discuss your application.

Some examples can be seen here:

Chute modifications involving a shuttled switching chute, carefully planned with combined use of site survey data, client CAD data, and flow simulations.

These eight extraction conveyors with stainless ribbon flights are just a few of the countless Screw Conveyors we've designed and built.

Whether a system of screw conveyors or belt conveyors, we can calculate and demonstrate a solution that works before it's even built.

View from the walkway of an Air-Supported Belt Conveyor.

A stainless steel rotary chute system for potash handling.